Specialised Containers

We are the top supplier of containers in the entire country, with 15 fully stocked depots located around the UK.

Our items are available for sale or hire, new and used, and come in a range of sizes from 6 feet to 45 feet in length. Whatever you need, we have it.

Storage Containers 10 feet

Our 10ft containers are a safe and cost-effective option for your company’s needs, and they are perfect for storage on smaller sites.

Flat Pack Containers

The solution that is easy, quick, and secure for every need. Our rapid build containers can be utilised in a variety of ways, from tiny storage units to use on construction sites and in the workplace.

UK High Cube Shipping Containers

Our high cube shipping containers provide an additional foot of height, making it simple to store and move heavy or large products.

Modular Buildings

Your needs for a portable office can be easily and affordably met by modular building pieces.

Multiple-Store Containers

Multi-stores, which are custom-built self-storage containers, are something we can offer. They are made out of 40-foot shipping containers and come in 4 door or 6 door varieties.

Maritime Containers

We have a wide selection of dry goods, micro, and half-height offshore shipping containers available.

For sale and rental are chilled containers.

If your company needs more onsite or mobile cold storage, our cold storage units and refrigerated containers are adaptable investments.

British Open Top Containers

Our open top shipping containers are a specialised alternative, perfect for bulky freight or objects that are challenging to load in from the side.

Shipping Containers With Side Doors UK

For companies that require quick or urgent access to cargo, side opening containers are a great investment.

Site Housing for Sale or Rent in the UK

We provide a selection of on-site accommodation items that can meet a variety of your accommodation needs on construction sites. Our lodging units come in a variety of sizes and designs and can be customised to match your specific requirements.

3-door containers

The tri door shipping container, which is unique to Cleveland Containers, has a single door entry at the front in addition to the typical double doors on one end, allowing for full access at the back.

shipping containers for tunnels

Our selection of tunnel shipping containers has been engineered to the highest standards and may be used for a wide range of commercial endeavours.

United Kingdom Used Container Offices

Our offices are built to the highest standards and can be placed anywhere your company needs them.